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To check the Accommodation Availability Enquiry on Trains till Departure which is available from 0400 hrs IST to 2330 hrs (GMT+5:30 hrs). A person has to Enter Train Number: Enter Day, Month, Enter Source Station Code and Enter Destination Station Code, Enter Class: First ACSecond ACThird ACAC Chair CarFirst ClassSleeper ClassSecond Seating, Enter Quota: Tatkal Quota for Ladies QuotaDefence, QuotaForeign, TouristDuty, Pass Quota, Handicaped Quota, Parliament House Quota, Lower Berth Quota, General Quota. If you do not know the train number then you should click here and if you do not know the stations code then one should click here. Rediff.com, India’s leading online portal has launched an extremely easy and efficient search service to find seat availability and fares for trains in India. The ‘Rediff Trains Fare Search’ service allows users to check availability of seats with fares, check PNR status, get detailed schedule of trains including real-time arrival and departure status by using a simple search engine query. The Government owned Indian Railways runs a very large operation. Indian Railways, with a network of 63,332 kilometres, is the second largest in the world and moves about 16 million people and 2 million tonnes of cargo each day. To view related information in details: 

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  Passenger Status
  Reservation availability
  Train Schedule
  Station Code Enquiry
  Tatkal Schemes
  Spot your train
  Facilities for Internal Tourist
  Mobile phone service
  Train Running Time
Know about the Indian Railways,
Passenger status (using your PNR No.) 
seat availability in the required trains, 
trains schedule & trains timing, 
codes of a station , fares of trains and 
reservations availability.

Know about Tatkal Schemes, 
Facilities for Tourist  and Mobile phone services.
Spot your train and 
Train Running time facilities.
INDIAN RAILWAY TIMETABLE  Indian railways timetable and related information.
MINISTRY OF RAILWAYS  Provide network map, tourist information by Indian  
RAIL SUGGESTIONS  Suggestion on working of Indian Railways.


Extending its utility search offerings, Rediff.com, India’s leading online portal, today announced the launch of an extremely easy and efficient search service to find seat availability and fares for trains in India. The ‘Rediff Trains Fare Search’ (http://indian-railways.rediff.com/index.php) service allows users to check availability of seats with fares, check PNR status, get detailed schedule of trains including real-time arrival and departure status by using a simple search engine query.

Indian Railways IRCTCRediff Trains fare search service will also offer users a comparative view of the lowest airfare for the choosen rail route within the same search query. For ex: (for a rail journey from Mumbai-to-Delhi – the search engine will give results for available trains for that particular day and also show the lowest air fare ticket available for the same date). This unique feature is introduced to help the users to choose their mode of travel depending on their budget and plan their journey more efficiently and conveniently.

In addition to this, Rediff Trains Fare Search takes away the pain of compulsory registration process and remembering difficult station codes by providing users with a predictive text support for all stations across India. Once the user has confirmed the destination and date of travel Rediff Train fare search shows all the possible options and details of the journey in just one click.

The Rediff Trains fare search data is consistent with the records maintained by the Indian Railway authorities. Once the user has finalized the appropriate train and wants to book the tickets, the service gives the users options to book the tickets either through IRCTC site or through travel agents whose details are also available on the system.

Accommodation Availability Enquiry on Trains till Departure

Note:- This Enquiry  is  available from 0400 hrs IST to 2330 hrs (GMT+5:30 hrs)

   Enter Train Number:       Enter Day, Month:   -

   Enter Source Station Code:
      Enter Destination Station Code:  

   Enter Class:
      Enter Quota:  

Don't Know The Train Number?
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Don't Know The Station Code? Click Here
     If you want know the vacant berth status on running trains >> Click Here
Note: A Lower Berth Quota has to be provided in AC and Sleeper classes for senior citizen and women above the age of 45, travelling alone.


Today Indian railways blocked showing seat availability and pnr status data from all the train information sites which were giving the information in user-friendly manner. This is really a monopoly nothing else. In this information age Indian railways blocking all the sites means they are not interested about public . they have auctioned the website for ad at 4.5 crore to a private agency. they want to earn money nothing else. The guys who started this private sites to show the train information to public at the public interest and also a passion to create something new, CRIS (centre for Railway Information system)who manage the official website of Indian railways have never updated there information pages as they are govt. servant and you know what could expect from them.Showing information of public domain is not illegal but it helps public. Has anyone given the complaint about any of this site that they are showing wrong information. they are just showing the same page of Indian railway official website in a interactive and user friendly manner. If Indian railways or CRIS are really interested of public then they can also show the information on a user friendly manner and also get the good public response

For example www.erail.in never store the live data of pnr status and seat availability in their server. They were showing the original page of www.indianrail.gov.inand that also all the information in a single page. in this age monopoly will not work if someone go to the court CRIS will surely going to lost the case , there are so many examples of showing information of public importance by private entrepreneurs. All the news paper showing the train departure and arrival time,seat availability every week and some newspaper show daily because it helps general public . instead of blocking the private site CRIS should have welcome them as they are helping public when the Indian railway server is down (which is always slow) and the important public information cannot be copyright.

We must as citizens fight to promote such efforts and not succumb to hegemony of government departments. The official website ranking is dropping every month (see www.alexa.com) and  they are fearing of competition. Instead of competition they are warning and blocking the new comers who are having a passion to do something for Indian public.

Indian railways should consider this private  site as a better alternative and not competition. After all cooperation is better than competition.

 compare this private site with the official sites yourself and see what this new boys has done without thinking of money (Except google adwords they do not get any revenue from this sites) which is the only motto of Indian railways and CRIS.

Know all about Trains between important stations of Indian Railways.

Know about Seat Availability of Indian Railways.

Everything about Tatkal Scheme of Indian Railways.

Know about the PNR (Passenger Reservation Enquiry) Status.

Know about important and special trains of Indian Railways.

Official Website of Indian Railways is 


The official website of Indian Railways include  Rules, ticket booking,  Train Schedule, Train Fare, Information on Indian Railways Services. Buy  Tickets on Indian Railways website!

Testimonial : "The government website of  Indian Railways is very informative !!  And all the Credit goes to Centre for Railway Information Systems - CRIS"
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These links of Indian Railways to Official website of Indian railways, with links of railways tickets booking, Railways and Train Fare, Railways and Train Schedule, Railways Rules, Information about Indian Railways.



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