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Passenger Current Status

To know your current status of reservation, either you need to fill your 10 digit PNR Number, which is printed on the top left corner of the ticket in the online form available and whithin seconds the current status will be displayed. Please note that Online PNR Status Enquiry is available from 0400 hrs IST (GMT + 05:30) to 2330 hrs. or you can click on the indian railways PNR Link.

Note:- Online PNR Status Enquiry is not available between 2300 hrs to 0500 hrs IST

**To provide faster service now onwards, PNR Status will be provided only for PNR's for which journey date is  within 10 days ( inclusive of today). Please bear with us and give your journey date also as input now onwards. It should be within 10 days.


Indian Railways Online Passenger Train Reservation Enquiry & PNR Status

Here is a official website that gives online information on passenger, reservation, PNR Current Status, Train/Fare Accommodation

, Trains Between Stations, Seat Availability, Trains Between Metros,Train Schedule and much more just at the click of a button. Spare those troubles at the railway enquiry and reservation counters. Online is the way to go.


Indian Railways is one of the largest and busiest railway networks in the world, transporting sixteen million passengers and more than one million tonnes of freight daily.

The Indian Railways traverse the length and breadth of the country; the routes cover a total length of 63,140 km (39,233 miles). As of 2002, Indian Railways owned a total of 216,717 wagons, 39,263 coaches and 7,739 locomotives and ran a total of 14,444 trains daily, including about 8,702 passenger trains.

This page directs you to important Indian Railways utilitarian tools. If yor are planning a trip on Indian Railways Trains, here are Check Availability, Seats Availability, Reservation, Enquiry, PNR, and Passenger Status tools. Also, view Indian Railways TimeTable for all trains.

IRCTC Online Passenger Reservation Site : This page facilitates online rail ticket booking, and checking of ticket reservation status. Includes train schedules, availability of tickets, and a travel planner.

PNR Current Status Enquiry : To know your current status of reservation, you need to fill your 10 digit PNR Number, which is printed on the top left corner of the ticket in the online form available and whithin seconds the current status will be displayed. Please note that Online PNR Status Enquiry is available from 0400 hrs IST (GMT + 05:30) to 2330 hrs.

Trains/Fare/Reservation Availability Status : This page helps you find Trains/Fare/Reservation Availability Status within seconds online. You need to enter the few characters of the Source/Originating Station.e.g.: "mum" for getting the list of Mumbai Station and then enter the few characters of the Destination Station. Finally select the class in which you wish to travel, if you wish to see all the classes, select all classes option.

Train Schedule : Excellent tool to view train schedule. You need to enter either few characters from the name of the train OR the few characters from the number of the train and the tool guides you to find schedule of the train you were looking for!

Online Time Table : Indian Railways new time table helps you check departure and arrival time of trains online.

There are many people who keep searching for Indian Railways PNR Status Enquiry for their tickets and also keep looking for toll free numbers where they can get passenger information, train information and other details related to their travel by phone or sending SMS or by website.

There are various ways to get Indian Railways PNR status:

  1. Indian Railways department has phone number for Enquiry, which is a completely free service and works all over India including small villages and towns. You just need to call 139′ from your BSNL landlines, MTNL landlines, Dolphin, Garuda, Idea, Spice Telecom and Vodaphone telecom operator enabled phones and get access to SMS, call back and fax facility.
    For Delhi and Mumbai residents another advantage is that you can just dial 139xxxxxxxxxx [10 digit ticket PNR number] and 139xxxx[4 digit train number] and get the train ticket PNR and train status instantly.
  2. Indian railway Ticket PNR status can be fetched by sending SMS:
    "PNR <Yr 10 digit PNR number>" to 5888 or 57886 or 5676747

  3. The status can be checked from official website of Indian Railways. Just put 10 digit PNR no into text field and click on Get PNR status button.
  4. You can also check Indian Railways PNR Status Enquiry on Rediff website whcih is pretty fast also

For more details on Indian Railways PNR status enquiry please visit offcial Indian Railways website.

Here is a simple way to check the indian railways reservation status using ticket's pnr number. This is fast compared to original pnr status form at indian railways website.


So use this form for PNR status checking, and passon to your friends if you think it works.

Passenger Current Status

Note:- Online PNR Status Enquiry Service is available from 0400 hrs IST (GMT + 05:30) to 2330 hrs.

PNR is an important number that is written on the top left corner of an Indian Rail Ticket. The abbreviation PNR stands for Passenger Name Record. Actually, PNR is a travel record of a person or a group of persons in the database of Computer Reservation System (CRS). In practical terms, PNR has five parts that are essential in order to get a booking done.

The five parts or requisites of PNR number are as follows.

  1. Passenger(s) Name
  2. Travel Agent's Contact Details
  3. Details of Ticket (could be a ticket number or ticketing time limit)
  4. Itinerary as a minimum of one segment that should be similar for all passengers listed.
  5. Person's Name, who makes the booking

After the completion of requirements, the CRS issues a unique alpha-numeric record locator that remains same in spite of any extra changes made. The online queries regarding PNR can be obtained from the Computerized Reservation Applications that are available for Public from 08:00 hrs to 20:00 IST on weekdays and from 08:00 hrs to 14:00 hrs IST on Sundays (these timings are prone to change without notification)

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Everything about Tatkal Scheme of Indian Railways.

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Official Website of Indian Railways is 


The official website of Indian Railways include  Rules, ticket booking,  Train Schedule, Train Fare, Information on Indian Railways Services. Buy  Tickets on Indian Railways website!

Testimonial : "The government website of  Indian Railways is very informative !!  And all the Credit goes to Centre for Railway Information Systems - CRIS"
Contact us for any details!

These links of Indian Railways to Official website of Indian railways, with links of railways tickets booking, Railways and Train Fare, Railways and Train Schedule, Railways Rules, Information about Indian Railways.


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